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Methods of communication with Salvia

1. What's it like?
2. How Salvia affects consciousness
3. Preparing Bonus
4. Balance
5. Turning off the internal dialogue
6. Making the body under
7. The recapitulation
8. Is it safe?
9. How often should I use the plant?

1. What's it like?

Wonderful and frightening combined into one quality plants, unlike many other drugs, it leaves your mind and the ability to sober causal perception uncomplicated, crystalline. Miraculously, it does not produce changes in thinking and continuous perception before, during and after the experiment (this statement is quite true for the leaves, but not for smoking extracts from 10x). Scary is that you have no "buffer" alternative thinking to shield his mind from the experience. When you see a flying saucer (something never met) in a state of cold sobriety, will undoubtedly experience disproportionately higher than if you were drunk as a skunk. In terms of magic, the plant shifts (off) your "tonal" or that your part that you think is, but she was not. "Tonal" - this is your perception of the universe filter. So, what is the same as your "tonal" is disabled? The closest description - the consciousness of a child who has not yet had time to deploy before the end of the tonal (preschool age). A more detailed description of the experience, like a deep experience plants can be found on page 204 of the book "Tales of Power," Carlos Castaneda. The author warns that after the tonal shifts can happen anywhere, "EVERYTHING". Strange things are happening under Salvia (vision leprechaun, time travel, the transformation into objects) arise due to the fact that after the shutdown of the tonal, your mind can move in any direction, "the other place." To put it differently, you have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a waking dream. In this experience the best experience in the darkness and silence - the conditions in which you usually sleep. For the author, the shutdown of the tonal never had a pleasant experience. Now he knows that it is good because it leads to disconnection. (!) He did not like this feeling, his attention never fall into the trap "of gravity to the experience." Some people find it pleasant to experience, but most just get a feeling neobychnae. If your experience is not very pleasant, you will help the idea that the experience of a very short duration of time, at best, a few minutes, usually less. Distributed fear to remain in this state forever, it's not that, very soon, and let you become pretty damn good, the thought that it was over (here described "clinic" but this fear is very common fear of God's punishment, and the like, so that Be careful if you are shy. Balanced people do not be afraid, because there is nothing to be scared - only himself). The best way to describe the state of the releases - imagine that you are in another country, you have finished all the cash and only have a return ticket on the plane, you are by all means get to the airport, the situation is heating up more and more, and when you are close to fainting, you find yourself standing at the right gate (who flew that knows), at the right time, just enough to successfully pass the gate. You go through the gate and just relax, knowing that all damn good. This feeling of relief and feelings of fullness of life, it is very likely that chustvuesh when the effect of the plant ceases. Moreover, it chustvo - sense of balance, which necessarily occurs at the end of experiment. After a difficult test flight, test pilot, and felt himself on solid ground feelings for absolute sobriety and balance. Releases plants gives a similar feeling. What are the physical effects? If they are present, they are not very much. Because the plant is such an effective teacher, it does not change your physiology. The physiological effect also has the mental side, which is why most powerful substances are not good for health. Tobacco - one of the substances, which removes the emotional impact by means of physiological changes. Hence the author is aware of this? The first three times when he was smoking salvia, he failed to break into the area of ​​the tonal disabled, so he focused his attention on the physiology. Fiziologichekih effects: soft feeling of relaxation and comfort. Sometimes there is a slight sweating. You do need to know that "weird" effects cease after you learn to detach themselves from the Flyers. Strange sensations are not from the plant, and from other external sily.U each experiment has two parts. First, we feel the effects of the drug or physiological / mental effects. After that, we come into contact with the substance (soul). Essence - inorganic consciousness. It can communicate with you, you can open something quite indescribable way. Many of the author's early experiences were powerful and unpleasant reflection of his feelings of self-importance. The plant is relentlessly and rightly ukazavaet the shortcomings of the one who talks to him. (No one will tell you that you're a freak, you yourself will feel just a everything that does not want to admit one). If you are going to smoke a plant just to get high, then very soon you will understand what I mean and why it should not do. Does this mean that you should become a perfect being, before you can come into contact with the plant? Of course not. The magic plant, if you will uncover it, will allow you to improve. All you need - courage and openness, the author ensures that possessing these qualities, you will be able to enter the care of plants and receive the lessons that you need.

2. HOW Salvia effects on the mind

Unlike other power plants. First, a little explanation, so to speak insight into the terminology. LINKING! (POINT OF ASSEMBLY) The plant changes the "anchor" your "point of assembly." The author knows this, as seen during one of his experiments. Our "world" exists due to the fact that our attention is bound "mnemonic situation" (assembly point) that contains your view of the world - or your tonal. Present your attention like a cassette tape head prigryvatele. When the magnetic head is properly positioned on the film - we hear a recording made on the tape. Carefully change this arrangement and recording will sound different. Listening to the record, you're not thinking that it is just a reproduction of the sound reproduction magnetic signals on the tape. The sound seems to us the real (Another example: how often do we remember that we read the text on the screen - in fact, a set of bits, and zeros edenits 010001000111101001111101001 - matrix?). Only in the case of "failure" cassettes, audio distortion gives us the opportunity to realize that this is just a signal to be played at a certain speed. Now fantasize, imagine a kind of cosmic tape that recorded the entire description of the world (your tonal). As long as we roll record of the universe, we do not notice that it is a reproduction, to be more precise recollection, not perception of the world directly. That's where the magic lies plants. By changing the position of some "magnetic head" on your personal "space player" Salvia opens the opportunity for you knowing that you are perceived memories. Once this is realized, you get vozmoznost not depend on the "write". Other plants and material strength significantly change the scrolling speed "record" so the changes in your tonal become difficult to reach in daily attention. (Here opinions may be different, depending on how far you've come. Prefer a power plant and ignore others - a matter of taste of each individual practitioner). Salvia did not change the rate of perception, only shifts the position of the reader. According to my observations, Salvia allows you to move from tonal to the nagual, maintaining self-control in both states (it is an achievement that is, a certain level of experience). You gain the ability to watch your tonal with a little distance, while maintaining some connection with it. People do not perceive the world directly. When we look at an object, we do not see the energy of the object, all that we see - is to map the tonal perception, interpretation system, "judgment" on the subject. Happens like this: You are looking at an object, your body receives its energy, information coming with your buds is the projection of the energy of the object (or any of the reflected energy to power). Your tonal redistributes energy, transforming the perception of a judgment, the interpretation of which subsequently enters the area of ​​your attention (to where you are aware of it). So, most of the power plants (but not Salvia) change the speed of your perception. The process is as follows: You are looking at an object, your body receives its energy, interprets your tonal perception and there is a problem with sending the interpretation in the area of ​​attention, because the rate of change of perception attention plant, substance or force. I have the attention span of a control time, the share of moments, during which there is an interpretation that gap holds the attention as if in standby mode (this is simply a function of the displaced to one part in the perception of time ago, so there is no standby, just at that moment the attention of busy processing the previous moment of life) The violation of the speed of perception is the difference in the mechanism of transfer of the information to the attention of the tonal a result, we are available to the area are out of time, out of space, absolute emptiness, ether. The whole process of filtering the energy tonal broken. Using traditional materials and power plants (Yaga, mushrooms, etc.) there is a shift of the tonal slightly retarded to very inhibitory (petrified). The more accelerated your attention, the less information you receive through tonal. But Salvia is not doing anything like that. It does not speed up the attention. It shifts the anchor point your attention to the tonal. This occurs through the merger of attention to the "basement" of your tonal, to its underside (ie unconscious). At a time when the connection was, reduced tonal and offers you the opportunity to observe the energy flow in the universe directly. But this is only a description of the process in general, there is no accuracy. Turns out there is a lot of attention to the tonal chords (take the same feelings for bodies) and it seems that the plant has them (the ligaments and not bodies) in the process of sorting descending. The sorting process is going in the opposite direction from the maturation process of the tonal, reaching the point where it does not exist as a baby. In Salvia no gradation transition as that of traditional power plants accelerating attention. Once in your body builds up enough of the drug, and a new relationship between attention and tonal formed, your world suddenly changed. Nevertheless, you are still you, because your attention is not distorted by acceleration. The determining effects of plant power come from their properties to accelerate consideration. It tires the body and soul. Setting up a direct connection with the tonal does not produce such devastating effects. As a result, the plant is perfectly safe for consumption. Your mind is not changed, it is only translated in time to the child's condition.


The plant does not become a teacher for you as long as you do not learn how to turn off the internal dialogue. This is the key to the use of plants as a teacher, the main function of the plant - off the internal dialogue. Big trap 22 is lost in thought during the experiment, or obsessive interest in the experience, as in the case of use of a substance for a "high". Fortunately, the path around the trap laid in the inner silence, and make it a lot easier with the plant, of course only if you have intentions of this action. Before taking a plant, you have to spend a lot of time to dive into the inner silence. Tensegrity and meditation - ideal for training sessions. Inner silence should be your mantra, your "way to be." It's easy. The author is sure that everyone is able to turn off the internal dialogue with the plants, the difficulty is to separate this from the experience of receiving the ability of the plant. Without renunciation you will be too amazed by the experience to keep their knowledge. How to learn detachment? This will tell you no. Just do it. This is a trap - 22. The author points out that he has never felt the desire in regard to plants, that it admitted the fate of the sage. If you have any "need, need, desire," you are doomed to failure. And it's not about what we want, and that desire as such prevents the attainment of a state of detachment. Of course, if you like a plant, it can teach you how to get rid of "desire." At first, you might just miss her lessons, do not recognize them, but the only way to learn something - trust in the plant. Detachment is VERY important. When you enter into the experience in a state of detachment, your perception becomes independent from the internal dialogue, and then turn it off - simple. Another obstacle to the knowledge of plants used for "high." If you like your teacher in French - you will not be able to put all your mental energy on the study of French. So, you have two aspects in preparation for the experience - the inner silence and detachment.

4. BALANCE (Read all!)

If you are going to experience a regular experience with the plant, you will need composure and poise racing driver, pilot test, a neurosurgeon, a climber or someone who regularly communicates with the plant. Without feelings of balance you do not get regular ispytavaet experience (hooks fall). The easiest way to acquire balance - self-regulation is in the process of communication with the plant on a regular basis (it turns out not at all and immediately, a strong possibility that the hooks still fall). I am deeply convinced that the plant does not undermines the balance (but a practitioner or his associates under the influence of plants can make a very imbalance). However, if you plan to regularly dive into the experience, it is recommended to do something that requires balance, judgment. Work - is very important. The more demanding job, the better. Build something - ideal occupation (grouboks). Building a house - just excellent. Replace the engine in the car, repair komlektovanny electronic device (computer) - all this will help set your mind to improve. Any kind of activity that requires thinking where your success depends on your achievements will give you independence and feelings for balance.


The real key to the magic and magic - to disable the internal dialogue. Plant - a valuable teacher in this field. The plant can teach you many things, but disabling the internal dialogue - the "big lesson." The main event. The essence of magic. We smoke the plant - yes, you need to smoke a plant. Preferably smoke extract as need to get "there" as quickly as possible and without problems. All recommendations are reduced to the maximum to choose a dark and quiet place. This is good advice. The plant will give you a clean (free) look at "nagual." In a saturated external stimuli (bright light, noise), this experience may seem annoying or even hell. Many times more annoying than anything you can imagine. You have to realize that plants do not need to annoy you, then what would be the result depends on who and how prezhivaet experience. All due to the nature nagual. It is such that it can easily "knock you off track." The term "you" refers to your "tonal". Your tonal may be horrified by the nagual, especially if some of this fear comes from some external source - the so-called flyers. With no external stimuli saturated your tonal Feel the familiar environment - something that happens every time when you sleep. Turn off the lights, lie down on the bed and tonal "passes the post." In general, the effect is that you are dreaming awake and you know how much a country can be a dream. If you are weird dreams, imagine how strange it is when such information comes into your mind that is in the waking, a state of alert. That is the reason that the plant can be used for recreation (recreation) purposes. It can be quite interesting. About recreational procedures in another document - this article is devoted to learning. The subtlety teaching methods that can learn it tonal, because we want to "support" him in the conscious state, but it does not focus on anything konretno not to give it to reach the point where it is shocking. In some ways, this is similar to the ability to swim - something that you just need to "allow", like when you're in the water, notice what is happening to yourself, but do not focus on anything. What is happening may seem damn weird. Do not get involved in this. No matter what happens, do not worry about it. What is important is how one reacts to what is happening your "tonal". He will try to do what he always does, ie to describe it. Be that as it may, it has little what happens. Nagual simply indescribable. THIS IS THE MAGIC PLANTS! Because your tonnal not able to describe what is happening, your perception, that part of you that really is you, is able to free himself, cut the internal dialogue. He is no longer in effect, only creates a sense of vanity, and the only thing that it should do - turn it off to abandon the process description. The beauty of the plant results in a finality of experience, to the time when it happened, you have realized the internal dialogue and shut it off, at which point the action of the plants over. More than you are under the influence of a substance, but nevertheless your internal dialogue is silent and the memory about their experience is preserved. You have just learned to turn off your internal dialogue, and this knowledge is available to you at any time. And it has improved. For some reason, when the effect of the plant is stopped, your tonal pounces on you with new forces, apparently it comes from the fact that the energy of the tonal is not going away, just out of the moment when the plant helps you achieve inner peace, it moves at a time when the plant retreats (well, quite rightly). Another possible reason - pobochka recreational effect. Not to mention the so-called accession Flyer. The plant is a pesticide against the flyers. When the plant frees you from the internal dialogue, try to objectively assess spoken. It is in a panic, confused, trying to defend. But if you are objective, you will have no doubt that this is not your voice. It is obvious that the internal dialogue - the result of the influence of something from the outside. And this is something alien is not very happy to get a dose of the flyers pesticide. The plant does not kill the flyer directly, only stun it. Beetle falls down, spinning and beating. It is up to you - crush it. But this is all speculation, here are some of them: something (flyer) projects its energy on the mind, this energy takes the form of a line (the associative array?) Which docks attention. Attention sends a response energy along this line focusing on the mental stream. When the plant changes the communication, interfacing with the idea, the energy flow along the thought stops - flyer confused. If you gently overhear your internal dialogue at this point, you will feel embarrassment flyer. So let's go again: All you need to focus on your reactions to the experience of the plant, not the experience itself. This is a key point. Let me repeat: concentrate on my responses rather than on what is happening. Focusing on the reactions of the internal dialogue during the experiment need to disconnect, but once you reach it, you will discover the world of the second attention. If you associate yourself with your inner dialogue, thinking that it is you, the result can be a very strange ekspiriens. Strange owns the country. The reason why everything is so strange is that these ideas belong confused flyers. THIS IS NOT YOUR THOUGHTS!

6. DO THE BODY UNDER (Harder, plastic, stronger, faster)

The older practitioner - the more noticeable results. Movement - a key. Once you're an aspiring magician - naturalist, get acquainted with the experience of the plant, you need to try to move under its influence (all the troubles that the movements and noise action ceases, fall away from the experience.) The reason why the method is effective rejuvenation - is clear. When your consciousness is returned (under the influence of plants) in the child's condition, all you have to do - is to exercise the body. Drag, move, climb (?), Dance - Tai Chi fits perfectly. Thus, you restore the connection between mind and body young. Result - rejuvenation of the body (Here is the logic? But the method works!). It sounds too simple to be true, but nevertheless it is really a simple method. Just move. You may want to move when you can. Under the influence of large doses, you may be hard to move (as if you remember the age when have not yet learned to walk). Just wait until then, until the movement becomes possible and go! Tensegrity is also well suited as a complex and Refer a movement in communication with the plant.


Magic technology recapitulation of what it is like on a detailed, detailed recollection of the events, accompanied by special movements of the head and tuned breathing. The plant can help you succeed in this technique. To do this you need the relatively small dose of plant material as much darkened and soundproof environment. Just close your eyes and follow the general guidelines for breathing recapitulation. Realism and jitteriness presence will be possible with the help of a plant. Yes, it works great, but it is not a scam? This refers to the recapitulation under the influence of a substance, why not? You find yourself in the same position of the assemblage point with full attention by practicing the breathing technique that allows you to change the accumulated experience in this position. The effectiveness of this technique due to the same reasons that the technique works off the internal dialogue. I do not recommend routinely perform the recapitulation with plants, IMHO, it's better just to get acquainted with technology.

8. Is it safe to plant?

First of all, the author considers it his duty to mention that Salvia divinorum - the only power plant, under the influence of which can be practiced magical techniques, all the others are only for reference to the mental space. WARNING! The use of magic techniques under the influence of more traditional materials of force - the best way to amass trouble on his head. Many years ago, the author made a similar mistake. He tried to apply some knowledge while under the influence of one of these substances, as a result of the assemblage point has moved to a new area and sticked there. The consequences were severe in terms of physiology, his heart was beating at 140 beats per minute, and this rate did not subside within a few days later, the assemblage point has shifted to a more acceptable position for the body, but never made it to the original. To recover, it took a year, during which he fought for his health. The medical term that can describe what happened - "toxic psychosis" The reason why this has happened - the displacement of the assemblage point to the area where the relationship between physiology and attention is lost. Do not allow this. Fortunately, Salvia is not associated with this area. Using the plant for 6 months, the author came to the conclusion that it is surprisingly safe. The plant never changes your perception on so much that your "self" has become something else. Any risks associated with the experience, lie in the way of anyone who dares to do magic. In critical situations, the plant acts as a protector (defender, ally), and for some reason, it promotes the attainment of equilibrium.


To resume the inner silence (may require only the initial stages of apprenticeship), the author recommends the use of a plant twice a week for the first month. After this period, it is recommended a gradual decrease in the frequency up to 1 times per week, and subsequently to 1 every two weeks (a strong connection with the plant is held three days after the experiment, salviorin displayed for two weeks).